Monday, September 20, 2010

How to prediction pagerank??

Pagerank Update is predicted to occur in early July of this make me deg-degan also with the results of which will be obtained by this blog. Months have occurred early yesterday Pagerank Update but only in the Minor scale. Well usually it is a sign of Google's Pagerank Update will perform in general. That is my goal to write posts about how this Pagerank prediction. Are the results correct or not? In fact I personally do not trust the results of the prediction tool is Pagerank or PR. Maybe because my results are always bad or results are shown Pagerank dropped, so that makes me insist on not believing this way .. Pagerank prediction hehhehehe .. Another reason I is that we all know about the determination Pagerank algorithm which is very confusing and still be a mystery (Ouch language).
Pagerank Prediction mode is probably only just make aja Having Fun, I'm sure there are pleasures himself knows Pagerank prediction, although not one hundred percent accurate and true. Yahh itung-braced itung make friends all facing Pagerank update happening soon .. wekekekek ...
nah if your friends want to try it, please visit this URL ..http://www.pagerankprediction.com
Sorry, ga given the Link .. Myspace fear dikirain Review Program .. hohohoho ....

How to increase pagerank with social bookmark.

Improve Pagerank With Social Bookmarking is one quick way advocated by many masters of the world of blogs to increase Pagerank. And what is a social Bookmarking? Create a blog you are just learning like me, perhaps many who do not know, but would I explain a little. Online media, social bookmarking is a permit to bookmark or mark a particular page that we found while wading the internet world. If my friends know the function of bookmarks in your browser, it is a social bookmarking bookmarks that can be accessed by anyone. Including search engines.

How to improve your Pagerank through social bookmarking is easy and 100% free. Social Bookmarking capability is what we must work on to get our status in the eyes of search engines also for the newly created blogs, Social Bookmark quite powerful as Google Indexed Fast mode. Social Bookmarking I am saying is 100% free to use DoFollow not a nofollow tag. If your friends put up links on the blog that bertag NoFollow, it will not be detected by google, and futile attempt to improve your Pagerank. So look for a DoFollow social bookmarking.

I have several addresses that use Social Bookmarking DoFollow tag and have a big enough PR from Google's search results. Visit Social bookmarking sites this as one way of increasing Pagerank friends.

Address of DoFollow Social Bookmarking Sites:

1. www.furl.net to PR: 7

2. www.backflip.com / login / ihtml to PR: 6

3. www.bibsonomy.org to PR: 6

4 www.linkagogo.com had PR: 6

5. www.mister-wong.com had PR: 6

6. www.rawsugar.com / home / home to PR: 6

7. www. spurl.net had PR: 6

8.www.buddymarks.com to PR: 6

9. www.jumptags.com to PR: 5

10. www.myjeeves.ask.com to PR: 5

11. www.mylinkvault.com to PR: 5

12. www.my.xilinus.com to PR: 5

13. www.a1-webmarks.com to PR: 4

14. www.bookmarktracker.com / bt / home to PR: 4

15.www.diigo.com to PR: 4

16. www.oyax.com to PR: 4

17. www.ez4u.net to PR: 3

18. www.syncone.net to PR: 3

Now make sure the blog address listed friends in social sites such Bookmarks. And prepare yourself to get the prize draw from Om Google immediately. hehehe ..

Increase pagerank via tree way list

After yesterday I wrote about Pagerank Increase Through Social Bookmarking, this time I will be sharing information about SEO tips that others are according to a Newbie. Improve Pagerank by Three Way Links is a method to manipulate the search results Google SMS Love er. Had read his book (though not from his friends) Jonathan Leger whose title "Search Engine Myths Exposed", Do'i prove that techniques or tips on three (three)-way link is a very powerful technique to gain the best position in Google. Here's three way links work:
A -> B -> C -> A.
A web where the web provides links to B, B gives a web link to the web C, and C provide a web link to the web A. Ga understand? It must be understood is!
There will thus obtained three pieces of one way link or a link in one direction. What is One Way Links? One Way links are links that point to our website and there are no backlinks to the website from our website. Providing links like this is to our benefit, because Google will give more value on these links and of course is a quick way to increase Pagerank.
However three-way links are better than two links (two) direction or link exchanges. Well it's good kao want to exchange links is better to use three people or three websites. DAB why '?? Newbie neh information as possible for me to learn SEO. If ga nyari bother people, create a blog aja three seed-ins then you link them, so repott now! If you do not understand this also read this and, if still read the column also understand this. Kok-mediated actually played? ga y either alone you understand, so read fine-fine, hehehehe .. Ouww cry ... cry? ahh copo TOT u. Create an easy candidate for help at add the y.. Forgive my mistake as a newbie to discuss about this tip. hehhe .. Crying Baby Can Only Gets The Milk ..

How to increase pagerank.

Before we discuss How to Increase the Pagerank or PR, I want little tell ya, this afternoon at about 2 pm , I idly check my Google Pagerank, uh there is something that greatly improves the er my heart happy. Strange magic bin bin surprise, that yesterday I fitted Pagerank Update dated 2nd January if ga is wrong, still has a PR 2, miraculously today almost a week to ride my homework anymore eh one seed, so now I dah Pagerank 3. Maybe gi ato error less how I also know .. Google Update PR nih Usually three months, but my kok cuman dah naek week again y? wah nice too ya if any 1 week naek means cuman takes seven weeks for my homework so 10 .. hahahhaha ... Try my friends check her homework deh .. I also error.
Actually I'm embarrassed to write postings or tips like this because I also still newbie. But I'm just trying to help friends who are just learning SEO and how does that might be asking how to improve your Pagerank? This time I will tell how to improve my own style . Tips to increase my Google Pagerank ga much different with friends the other bloggers.

1. Should always update. Grandfather was the most important.
2. Inserting Links in the forums, in addition to free parking in the URL, we can also get various information from others. hehe
3. Much study and discussion to Blogger bloggers senior or another friend. Ga need to see if this blogger ato still have low PR, others provide information that is valuable for us. There is still much we do not yet know but others know about it.
4. Do not be embarrassed to ask if we Maw-master Master of Blogger, if emang ga to know and want to know, what's wrong with asking, if ga answered, asked and hold hehehe .. Only Crying Baby Can Get The Milk (either the left or right) hehehhe.
5. Blogwalking (dah to know??), In addition to making friends, we can also see what information is given by other bloggers.
6. Please comment on blogs that do follow, no follow also commented on the , if indeed interesting and gives us the latest info, what's wrong.

It cuman dah la Newbie tips to improve pagerank. There may be a surprise week kok cuman dah rose again, yes that's Secrets Om Google, I can only let go if my homework , Maw refused but tasty Uncle Google Google

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